Pokemon GO Guide: How To Spend Pokecoins Like A Pro

In Pokemon GO, players must know a couple of workarounds in order to dominate the game. And of course, it's not just about finding and catching creatures. This is where the likes of spending Pokecoins the right way comes in. As much as possible, they need to handle it like a pro. Well, if you're looking to learn such move, then this guide will surely help you big time.

What Are Pokecoins In Pokemon GO?

As the name suggests, it's basically the in-game currency of Pokemon GO. Players use it to spend on items, such as candies and lucky eggs, among others. In one way or another, it makes the overall gameplay better and exciting. But of course, at the end of the day, the decision to which it it'll be used into depends on the trainer.

Spend Pokecoins To Level Up Fast In Pokemon GO

One of the best ways to catch stronger (and even rarer) creatures in Pokemon GO is to level up as fast as you can. If this is your primary goal -- which should be -- then it's a better move to spend at least half of your total Pokecoins in purchasing Lucky Eggs. More so, it's best to buy incubators so as to make the hatching process faster. If you want to know how to acquire 100K XP with just a single Lucky Egg, then better check this guide.

Use Pokecoins To Catch More Pokemon GO Creatures

It's no secret that catching species -- most especially the rare ones -- in Pokemon GO has become a rigorous task to do. Hence, as much as possible, you need to use either Incense or Lure Modules accordingly. However, Lures are a much better option, as it's proven to be more effective in terms of bringing Pokemon Nearby to a number of Poke Stops. So, in a sense, it's a good idea to spend your Pokecoins on a bunch of Lures.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon GO guide? How's your spending spree on Pokecoins? Any tips you care to share? Let us know at the comment section below!

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