Supercell Starts Banning Clash Of Clans Cheaters, Modders

Just like almost all video games -- be it on mobile, PC or console -- Clash of Clans is also plagued with cheats and bots. This is the main reason why Supercell is now starting to implement bans, trying to snare cheaters, modders and bot users. And what makes it interesting? It arrived like a thief in the night, with no prior notice or whatsoever.

According to SegmentNext, the Clash of Clans ban wave was released with such move so as to surprise exploiters. The studio didn't give out any sort of early warning -- let alone an indication. And not just that, most of these bans are said to be permanent. This is definitely unlike any ban implementations they did in the past.

It should be noted, however, that Supercell already iterated in the past their intentions to free Clash of Clans from cheaters and/or bot users. After all, it's plainly understandable that such aforementioned methods are not allowed even in any games.

Although the said Clash of Clans bans were meant to permanently terminate a cheater's account, there are semi-ban as well. The latter specifically targeted those who use less respectable means, preventing them from playing the game in a week or so. Nevertheless, the company admitted that it could escalate to a permanent status.

As reported here at iTech Post, Clash of Clans is expected to receive a massive update come September. It will bring a bunch of hefty features, which are deemed to bring the excitement a notch higher. So, in one way or another, the implementation of bans is clearly a move to even bring the gaming experience to greater heights.

As of this writing, the Clash of Clans ban wave is starting to affect a great number of users. There are reports of accounts getting terminated -- be it permanently or temporarily.

What are your thoughts on this new Clash of Clans ban system? Do you think users proven guilty should be permanently removed from the game? Share us what you think by using the comment section below!

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