Clash Of Clans September Update Is So Massive It'll Change The Overall Gameplay

It's no secret already that Supercell is planning to release a massive Clash of Clans update come September. The only thing, however, is it remains a mystery as to what features the studio will be offering. Nevertheless, many believe that this update will totally change the overall gameplay of the game. Or perhaps, cover the expectations that most fans have been hoping for.

Over the course of months following the release of Pokemon GO, the player pool of Clash of Clans has significantly declined. But of course, this is not entirely due to the fact that Niantic's title is a huge hit of today. It's safe to say that Supercell's mobile game needs to have decent improvement, so as to win the hearts of the fans back.

First off, it's confirmed that Clash of Clans will receive a new update next month. The main priority of the upcoming patch is said to improve the features that the August update lacked. From spells being tweaked to some troops being nerfed, the forthcoming patch is all about changing the overall gameplay of the game.

Among the interesting feature the September Clash of Clans update will bring is the capability to mine gems for free. Although Supercell hasn't really touch into the topic, it's believe to be a move to spark the interest of players once again. But of course, most fans are still skeptical about it, as gems are the studio's cash cow.

Ecumenical News, on the other hand, cites that Clash of Clans September update will be unlike the previous ones. That, in one way or another, new elements will be brought most especially to Town Halls level 1 to 11. It should be noted that the old updates were all about affecting players who have Town Halls level 11 and above.

As of this writing, Supercell has yet to announce an official release date for the Clash of Clans September update. The studio has also remained mum about the features and/or fixes it'll offer.

What are your thoughts on the new Clash of Clans update? What features do you want to see? Do you think it'll make the mobile game exciting once again? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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