'Titanfall 2' Official Trailer: First-Person-Shooter Game Will Feature 6 Playable Mechs

Polygon reports that Titanfall 2 will feature six playable Titans, also known as mechs, during its launch this October. Respawn Entertainment, the cool guys behind Titanfall, rolls out the sequel's titan lineup via an awesome video showcasing what Titanfall players can expect on top of the already revealed Scorch and Ion titans. 




This titan wields a minigun that inert on 'defense and control', explains Respawn. The miniguns name, by the way, is deemed Predator Cannon which can toggle between close-range rounds to push back enemies and then combo it with long-range rounds as sort of finisher - if the enemy can't take it anymore. Predator Cannon can charge its 'Smart Core' to gain the ability to lock on to enemies and at the same time be protected with a deployable shield.


The first titan in Titanfall 2 revealed by Respawn, the sword bearing titan teased in the first trailer. Respawn defines Ronin as titan that specializes in hit-and-run. Ronin can do quick damages via its agile build, downside is, it's very fragile. This titan can also cast a slow spell per se by deploying Arc Wave, a wave of electricity. Afterwhich, Ronin finishes off with a close distance Phase Dash.


This titan mixes precision and fliht skills to win. Respawn reports that it can deploy lockdown traps to enemies, can launch cluster missiles, and do a vertical 'takeoff and landing' maneuver. Nice move!


This titan participated in Titanfall 2's tech test which is why it will be more or less familiar to the players who took the said test. Ion comes with lasers mounted on its shoulder, Vortex Shield for defense, and an awesome Laser core blast coming from its chest.


This titan accompanied Ion on the tech test. Scorch, living its name, turns up the heat and bring it to the battlefield. equipped with thermite-fueled Firewall attack, thermal shield. Its specialty is Flame core, a gigantic wave of fire. Roast time!


Last but certainly not least, this titan can lock onto opponents and deploy Tracker Rockets, can detect enemies via Sonar Lock, and as finisher, unleash a rocket salvo that can be controlled mid-flight.

Titanfall 2 deploys on Oct. 28 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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