Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 – Heavy Penalties For Leavers

Overwatch Competitive Play Season 2 has now gone live for PC and Xbox One owners. Blizzard has made some changes including heavier penalties to leavers.

What Are Leavers?

Leaver is the term for Overwatch players who leave while the game match is still ongoing. This can cause grief to the remaining team players. Blizzard Entertainment announced that it is discouraging this practice by imposing tougher penalties to Leavers.

What Are The Leaver Penalties?

Any Overwatch player leaving during an on-going match in Season 2 receives a ten minute penalty. The offending player's account will only regain its good standing if he or she can completely finished a number of matches.

Repeat leaving offenders are warned that 75 percent of their total XP points earned will be removed. Suspensions from the competitive play will also be imposed. The worst offenders can get themselves ban for the entire second season.

 Free Overwatch Game On Xbox One And PS 4

Blizzard is also offering first time players a taste of the Overwatch First Person Shooter (FPS) team based multiplayer game. PS 4 and Xbox One owners can download a free Overwatch game from September 9 to 12. The free Xbox One Overwatch download is limited to Xbox Live Gold card members only. PS 4 owners simply need to download their free Overwatch version.

Overwatch Free Version - What To Expect?

The free Overwatch game will have the 22 heroes and at least 13 maps for the team matches. Players could have the matches in Quick Play and Custom Games as well as the Weekly Brawl. Just like in the paid version, players also get earned XP level points and Loot Boxes. The Hero Gallery also gives players the chance to customize their characters.

Players who like to continue playing the game beyond the free period can buy the Overwatch: Origins Edition. As an added bonus, any XP points and goodies earned during the free weekend will be carried over.

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