Why Cancelling Clash Of Clans ClashCon 2016 Is The Right Move

For sure, lots of Clash of Clans fans were unhappy about Supercell's decision to cancel ClashCon 2016. But while this is really frustrating so to speak, the studio actually has a good reason to do so. Basically, it was done so as to give developers enough window to focus on upcoming contents and whatnots.

According to iDigitalTimes, the big announcement was made via a blog post on the official Clash of Clans site. Supercell iterated that despite ClashCon 2016 being a thing they "badly want to do," it has to be cancelled. This means that there will be no such event this year.

Indeed, this kind revelation is a frustrating thing to hear for most Clash of Clans fans. After all, ClashCon is among the highly celebrated events wherein players get to do stuff they love. But hey, it's still a blessing in disguise. The decision to do so will give the developers enough time to focus on upcoming contents and/or features.

Nevertheless, Supercell can't deny the fact that Clash of Clans will be expecting more from them. That since they cancelled such huge event, there's every possibility fans will expect the studio to work on very interesting updates.

Sure enough, if thing go as expected, the big Clash of Clans update could arrive anytime this month. It is said to be the biggest patch yet, changing the overall gameplay of the hit mobile game. Spells are getting tweaked, while new features such as the capability to mine gems for free are coming.

Moreover, a new Clash of Clans system called Friendly Challenges is believed to be introduced. It's basically a practice mode of sorts, only that it'll be less frustrating and more useful for players. As for the specifics, these remain a mystery.

What are your thoughts on Supercell cancelling the Clash of Clans event call ClashCon? Do you think it's only right to do so given that they'll be working on new updates? Let us know what you think below!

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