'Pokemon Go' Buddy System Update Offers Ash Ketchum Lifestyle; Change Pokemon To Snorlax, Psyduck Anytime [VIDEO]

"Pokemon Go" has recently revealed a new feature that will allow its gamers to experience the lifestyle of Ash Ketchum having Pikachu always by his side. It is said to be like walking with Pikachu anytime within the game.

The "Pokemon Go's" game developer, Niantic, announced on Friday the revelation of a new Buddy feature. As stated, the update will give its gamers the option of choosing their favorite Pokemon that will walk with them within the game.

Once a Pokemon has been chosen to walk alongside the player, more surprises will be unlocked in the game. The "Pokemon Go" update is also said to include unique rewards and experiences that will be unlocked when gamers choose a Pokemon to join them in their journey.

In the previous "Pokemon Go," gamers were forced to trade their Pokemon away forever just to get Candy but with the Buddy Feature, gamers can be earning Candy for going on their journey together with their Pokemon.

The update will also let gamers have the option to alter their chosen Pokemon any time in the game. So players can change their Buddy Pokemon at a whim. In the "Pokemon Go" Buddy Feature, gamers can choose to walk with Pokemon first and then change to Snorlax or Psyduck after a while.

Niantic came out with its official announcement of the "Pokemon Go" update two days after players have reportedly mined the game's code and have spotted details about the Buddy feature. So Niantic may have been keeping this as a surprise.

"Pokemon Go" Buddy update is also the latest feature that has been added since the "Appraise" option had been added in August. It allowed a player's team leader to give advice to his members about the skills and abilities of the creatures they capture. Watch the "Pokemon Go" Buddy System gameplay here.

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