'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Update: Initial Release Japan Exclusive? Moon Phases To Affect RockRuff's Evolution

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" leak currently suggests that the games will be exclusive to Japan. While there are no distribution details about the game in the official United States "Pokemon Sun and Moon" website, the Japanese website just revealed how the games will be distributed.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" games are reportedly arriving in two separate games according to its Japanese website. This means that the two games will also come with two different sets of Pokemons. Apparently, the set of Pokemons in "Pokemon Sun" would be different from the ones in "Pokemon Moon."

Additionally, the Japanese licensing and marketing firm revealed that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games will be unique to each other. This just makes sense as the games were announced as two different titles by Nintendo and Gamefreak.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will also reportedly come with two different Legendary Pokemons which will be exclusive to each game. Reports claimed that "Pokemon Sun" will be led by the Steel/Psychic-type Pokemon Solgaleo while "Pokemon Moon" will be led by a Ghost/Psychic-type Pokemon Lunala. However, both "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games will carry the same starter set of Pokemons that includes Litten, Popplio and Rowlet.

Meanwhile, since "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was revealed, teasers of its Pokemons in Alola forms have surfaced the web. Suspicions arise that even the confirmed Alola forms of Pokemons will be divided between "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon."

A new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" leak was also revealed that suggests how the position of the moon would affect Rockruff's evolutions. The phases of the moon are rumored to affect eight evolutions of Rockruf. In addition, another Pokemon is believed to have the same feature but would rely on the position of the sun though no details have been revealed yet.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" leaks and teasers are expected to be delivered by the company before the official game launches. The game is is slated for a Nov. 18 release date. Watch the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" starter here.

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