‘Overwatch’ Eichenwalde Map Offers Assault, Escort Options; Competitive Play Season 2 Skill Tiers, Rating System 1-5K; [SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS HERE]

"Overwatch" released its latest patch for PC and Xbox One featuring Eichenwalde map and Season 2 of Competitive Play. The "Overwatch"Season 2 was expected to be launched on Sept. 6. Blizzard even warned about a possible delay, but those kinks may have been smoothed out sooner than they thought.

The Eichenwalde in "Overwatch" was hinted during the Gamescom 2016. Eichenwalde is set in an abandoned German castle, which is the home of Bastion. Teams may choose to assault by holding the fort down or to escort a battering ram to breach the structure.

The "Overwatch" update also dropped "Sudden Death" in Season 2, where matches will end in a draw when the clock runs out. "Overwatch" Competitive Play Season 2 will also bring skill rating tiers to show players' multi-skill levels and alter the skill rating system to a 1 to 5,000 scale.

"Overwatch" players need to be mindful of skill rating decay to stay on top. Diamond-tier players and above may lose 50 rating points every 24 hours when they are unable to play in a competitive match for seven days.

"Overwatch" players also need to win a minimum of 50 competitive matches to earn a spot in the Top 500. There is also a patch rumored to be released for PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, console players and newbie players will get the chance to play "Overwatch" for free from Sept. 9 to12. The "Overwatch" Competitive Play is still unavailable to those on free play, but the game's progress will carry over when the game is purchased.

The "Overwatch" can be downloaded on Sept. 5, but the game can be played starting Sept. 9. It is a 15GB download with no need for PlayStation Plus subscription, but Xbox One users need an Xbox Live Gold membership to access the free version. Watch "Overwatch" Eichenwalde map gameplay here.

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