Pokemon Go Guide: How To Track Pokemon and Fight Gym Battles The Easy Way

Pokemon Go tracking and Gym battles can be cumbersome and stressful to players. Here are some tips that return the fun to the game.

Tracking Tips

1. Players should first start with familiar grounds in which they know where most the Pokemon Spawn points are.

2. A Biome will determine the rate of the Pokemon Spawn Points.

3. Spawns have a time limit. A lure with pink rings has a limit of only three minutes while a wild one with white rings can last up to 15 minutes.

4. A particular Spawn point will release Pokemon with the same IV and move regardless of trainer's rank. Only the level is varied.

5. Players should accept the fact that spotting a Pokemon does not automatically mean that it's already in the bag.

6. Some Pokemon can be elusive to track even though many fellow players have it

7. Try to avoid spending real money in Pokemon Go. Spending in incubators however, can be a good investment.

8. If Pokemon Go starts to become boring and stops being fun, just stop playing it, according to the some Reddit users.

Gym Battles

1. It would be fun to help your friends' level up their lower Pokemon by accompanying them in Gyms attacks.

2. Learning basic attacks and dodge can help players a lot in gym battles.

3. Players should be able to switch Pokemon if the current fighter is near death.

4. Players who are aware of their enemy's moveset and if possible, can use "one bar specials against Pokemon with three or even four bar moves and vice versa."

5. Those who wish to stay longer in Gyms can find ones that have little or traffic.

6. Gyms with a higher rank are a better place to level up although it can take time.

7. Pokemon with high attack advantage trumps defending Pokemon's IV.

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