'Diablo 2,' 'Diablo 3' Make Way To BlizzCon 2016; 'Diablo 4' Unlikely Due To Staff Shortage?

"Diablo 4" official details have not been confirmed by game developer Blizzard while fans are reportedly getting eager to see the fourth installment of the franchise. However, new reports claimed that BlizzCon 2016 may reveal a big announcement from Blizzard which is possibly related to "Diablo 4."

Speculations arise that Blizzard currently plans to reveal multiple projects in the upcoming BlizzCon 2016. The company has reportedly hired new skilled animators, designers, directors and other staff as previous employees left the company. This may indicate that "Diablo 4" is on its way but chances are also huge that the game developer will ask for more staff to ensure that the remake of "Diablo 2" and "Diablo 3" expansion will be developed sooner.

It is not clear whether Blizzard will be announcing all three games in the upcoming event. It is believed that anything may be possible as long as the company gets the number of good staff it requires to complete the games. However, the chances of "Diablo 4" seems to be minimal at the moment since the company needs to take time to rebuild a new team.

Additionally, even if Blizzard gets a good hand at a new game director in replacement for "Diablo" game director Josh Mosqueira, "Diablo 4" may still take time to complete. "Diablo 2" remake and "Diablo 3" expansion, on the other hand, may be completed just in time for a reveal in the upcoming BlizzCon 2016. Both projects had already made impact on the minds of fans which makes it a little easier to add new features and updates, reportedly.

"Diablo 4" reveal at BlizzCon 2016 may certainly be a big news but has a little chance of being announced for now. However, the content materials for both "Diablo 2" and "Diablo 3" are already available. This could mean that BlizzCon 2016 announcement is expected to feature both "Diablo 2" remake and "Diablo 3" expansion. Watch the "Diablo 3" gameplay here.

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