Virtual Reality Market Will Skyrocket This Year According To IFA 2016 Updates

Major tech companies of today like Sony, Samsung, Acer and Qualcomm are taking part in the global virtual reality revolution, offering VR headsets as well as 360 AR glasses to teh mass market.

2016 is the Year of Virtual Reality

According to Goldman Sachs, the virtual reality and augmented reality markets will reach a whopping $80 billion in revenue by the year 2025. It is also important to note that what makes the two technologies different is that virtual reality makes the real world view surreal, while augmented reality mixes the real world and the virtual world into one point of view.

One of the concrete examples that 2016 is the year of VR is the strides made by the optical company Zeiss, as Franz Troppenhagen, the senior product manager is continuously paving the way for greater marketing and investor acquisition.

2016 Marks the Start of the VR Revolution

One might experience seeing someone who is waving his arms around in attempts to catch an avatar in front of him while wearing VR headsets. This is one of the many instances that VR technology is all around us.

Marek Maciejewski, the product development director at Chinese TV maker TCL, says that this will be the future of how gamers and nongamers will interact in the future, removing the need for big LED TV screens.

"In the next five to eight years, you will look at the screen, which will be on your wall, and you won't be able to tell if it is reality or the screen," teh product development director said. 

Surely, VR technology still has a long way to go. But nonetheless, this is where most great technologies start - below. In the next few years to come, we will get to see more of what virtual reality technology has to do with our everyday lives.

Today, we just have to see the beauty of the improvements and wait until it is everywhere.

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