'Resident Evil 7' Gameplay Spoilers: Zombie-Like Monsters Rule-Out 'Resident Evil 6' J'avo Reappearance; Enemies Resemble Ganado, Majini?

"Resident Evil 7" will be returning with zombie-like enemies according to the game developer. Capcom recently teased the possible return of zombies with dismembered faces into the game at the CEDEC conference in Yokohama, Japan.

The developer revealed that it would implement zombie-like monsters along with other humanoid enemies in the upcoming "Resident Evil 7." It is expected that these monsters may be encountered by players all throughout the game. In addition, Capcom also showcased the photo-scanning technology that it is using in building the "Resident Evil 7's" VR-ready world.

The zombie-like term could actually mean a few things for "Resident Evil 7." The specific use of this term rules out the reappearance of the known zombies from previous games. However, it will also likely rule out the return of J'avo from "Resident Evil 6," who has the ability to interact with one another and wield all types of weaponry to eliminate enemies.

Meanwhile, "Resident Evil 7's" zombie-like enemies are expected to resemble the Ganado from "Resident Evil 4" or the Majini from "Resident Evil 5." However, there is one thing that would need to be improved in the cases of these zombies. They do not have enough capacity to use different types of weaponry which is something that Capcom is suggested to address.

But regardless of what the zombie-like monsters turn out to be, the said enemies will likely be welcomed by "Resident Evil 7" players in replacement for monstrosities from previous games. These monstrosities are the Oozes from "Resident Evil: Revelations" and the Afflicted from "Resident Evil: Revelations 2."

"Resident Evil 7" humanoid enemies is also another interesting takeaway from the recent revelation. While specific details about the game's enemies are still unconfirmed at the moment, it has already been established that the game will have a reduced form of combat, herbs and a possible form of currency. Meanwhile, watch "Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter" trailer here:

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