'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: The Easiest Way To Throw Pokeballs And Capture Rare Pokemon

Gym Level 7, with a 3000+ CP Dragonite as the gym leader. I might have bitten off more than I can chew here... Photo : Flickr / Brian Miller

Capturing rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Picture this, you spotted a wild Dragonite, you tap on it, try to catch it but it seems that he is too far away. After several tries, you finally caught it but with the cost of around 6 Ultra Balls. This scenario is very common among us Pokemon trainers, and most might even know the trick to this but anyhow we will still post this article for everyone's conveniece because people like to save on batteries and you can relate to this statement if you continue to read below.

What went wrong?

First things first, scenarios like on the first paragraph most likely would happen when the Augmented Reality (AR) feature is off. If so, chances are the game loads the Pokemon at a certain 'distance' from the player. Because of this, it would require you to throw the ball 'further' as you make more effort into swiping forward compared to just catching a Weedle which is situated just 'below' you.

How to combat this?

Fortunately, a Reddit post published a way to save you some precious Pokeballs. All you need to do is turn the AR back on, find where the Pokemon is, walk towards it, and boom! You got yourself an easy target. Just remember not to bump into another person or fall off a gutter while doing so.

See the actual tutorial below:

Here's a tip that could have saved me 30 ultra balls today if I had known about it. from pokemongo

But wait, there's more!  

A modified 'trick' has been added by another Redditor in form of a reply. It simply says you can turn on the AR then back to off again, this would 're-center' the Pokemon and load it to a comfortable distance where you can make an easy throw


How do you like this tutorial? Hit us with comments below. As always, stay safe playing Pokemon Go.

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