'Pokemon Go' Guide: 5 Tips For Trainers Level 30 And Up

If you are reading this, then you must be at least a level 30 Pokemon trainer in Pokemon Go, if not, then you might as well take some notes because soon you will become one. The guys at GamePur reported there are around 5 tips for this level to hold on to.

At level 30 and up, you must be tired of playing the game considering the exponential increment on XP requirement per level increment. This article hopes that you will still be interested in the game and keep grinding them XP's up! Let's begin the level 30 tier guide.

The Basics

Look at your inventory, it is always advised to be ready when grinding. We recommend often clearing up your pokemon and item bags or containers, whaterver you want to call it, so that you won't be interrupted when you grind. Personally, I advise to do this when going to the toilet in the morning. Most of us read the news or see what's up on Facebook but to be the very best, you might as well clear up your Pokemon and Item inventory for the day's grind. Look at your stuff and rid of the items. Depending on your day's mood, if you go hunting, get rid of weak Pokeballs, yes you are at level 30, it's nice to keep them but your bag can't accommodate them all. If you plan to go on farming coins at gyms, then get rid of the basic potions, you need to recover quickly so the best way to do this is stocking up on higher level potions to save time on healing and get back to the gym battle ASAP.

Faster, faster!

There is a faster way to do the Pidgey farming trick. Lucky eggs, that's just step one, obviously at this point you already know that it doubles XP. The next level would be to skip the evolution animations. Simply reset your app when the evolution animation starts, and boom! You can now evolve another basic Pokemon for XP grinding. If you don't believe this, then go to YouTube and compare the reboot time versus evolution animation time. This trick is said to work also with the egg hatch and pokemon capture animation skips. Although, I recommend this trick for skipping egg hatch animation.

While Commuting

If you are a passenger, you can still grind up. This trick is nifty when collecting items as you pass along Pokestops. This trick is simple but almost no one knows about it. When you spot an oncoming Pokestop, even if it is out of range, simply tap on it in advance. Then when you get close to it, spin it right away. This saves time on the entrance animation towards the Pokestop, so its better to load the animation in advance and then spin it when you are close enough. Pretty useful especially if your vehicle is moving fast. Also, even though it may not work, always incubate your eggs whenever possible, it may not work when travelling at high speeds but there are certain congested areas that your vehicle may run at a walking pace.

Spawn Points

Communicate with your Friends, yes, this is a social game, to be updated with recent spawn points so you can map out your route before even heading out. Catching every Pokemon is practical in a sense that it gives you stardust everytime, so clear your Pokemon inventory every once in a while. Spawn time for Pokemon would depend on the conditions and how rare they are but basically luring them will take 3 minutes while a wild Pokemon shows up every 15 minutes. At this point, incense works wonders.


Being at level 30 gives you power to defeat gyms and help out your teammates in building your territories. Occupying gyms means defeating it first. Here are some Basic Tips on conquering gyms in Pokemon Go:

  •  Switch Pokemon when half way on HP
  •  Learn Rival Challenger's Move Set and Pair them accordingly
  •  Occupy gyms that are not crowded
  •  Dodge, attack works all the time.

Most important tip

The most important tip in playing Pokemon Go, no matter what level is always BE SAFE. Do not play the game if the circumstances would endanger you. The next important one is of course, HAVE FUN. This is a game so no conflicts, please.

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