Microsoft Hololens An Amazing Experience? How To Ge A Free Demo

The Microsoft Hololens is a hologram-based display smartglasses released this March. However, only its under-development version has been released for the world to see. The consumer version of the device is yet to be launched.

Microsoft Hololens Review

According to one reviewer online, the Hololens may not yet be a world-changing device, but it sure is brilliant and can make users feel like they are touching the future. Furthermore, the device is said to be light and comfortable, since no cables are attached. It also has no balance issues when worn and is a solid device all in all.

Further description of the Hololens experience reveal that the field of view is wide, but the augmented reality effect only appears at the center. It is also possible to lose edges of virtual objects as you use the Hololens. However, this is easily fixed by re-positioning your body to recover the perfect view.

The audios of the $3000-worth Microsoft Hololens are also said to offer clear sounds, and the controls are comfortable as well. You can control the device using a simple cursor that follows what you are looking at. It is also hand motion and voice command sensitive. However, using a Clicker that is connected to the device via Bluetooth may be the most comfortable control option. Overall, it was said that the holograms are great and offer natural shifts as you walk.

Where To Get A Microsoft HoloLens Demo In US and Canada

If you can make it to the announced demo locations, you can register to be a part of it. According to Microsoft, they will be having a HoloLens Roadshow on multiple places including Palo Alto, Houston, Tysons Corner, Chicago, Orlando, and Atlanta among many other places. The demos will take place at the locations' Microsoft store and you can sign up for the event at the Microsoft website. 

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