Microsoft Offers Discounted Surface Book, Does It Indicate That A Successor Is Coming?

Now that Apple is done with its September 2016 event, the spotlight is now slowly turning towards Microsoft devices. With the Surface Pro 5 being heavily rumored to come this year, the Surface Book 2 is also being anticipated. Considering the success of the first Surface Book despite being a pioneer and pretty much a prototype, it is quite exciting for fans to imagine what the company has developed for the Surface Book 2.

Surface Book On Sale

Now that Microsoft is putting the refurbished Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 up for sale at discounted prices, speculations arise about the arrival of new Surface devices. Right now, these devices are getting 15 percent discounts. Meaning, you can get a 128 GB refurbished Surface Book for $225 less, making it $1274. The 512 GB version is now at $2294 making it $405 less than the original.

Surface Book 2 Release Date

Rumor has it that the Surface Book 2 will be done as soon as its alleged operating system and processor starts shipping. According to analysts and rumor starters, the new Surface Book 2 is waiting for Intel's Kaby Lake to be released. Kaby Lake is the one and only processor being rumored to come to the Surface devices. With that, it is expected that the Surface Book 2 will be arriving in 2017, because the Kaby Lake won't be shipped until late 2016.

For the release of the rumored Surface Book 2 operating system that is the Windows 10 Redstone 2, it was said that the OS update is coming next year. This only makes the 2017 release for the laptop even more believable.

Surface Book 2 Expected Specs

If the Surface Book 2 indeed ends up with the Intel Kaby Lake processor, then 4K resolution and 3D display are both big possibilities. USB 3.1 support is also very likely to be included. Furthermore, there could also be physical changes coming to the laptop. As per reports, it was said that Microsoft might fix the balance related issues from the original Surface Book. Since the first release might have had weight imbalance between the monitor and keyboard, the device might have been prone to damage.

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