Surface Pro 4 Is Much Better Than The MacBook Air, According To Microsoft

Microsoft's goal to shame Apple devices is pretty obvious in their not-so-subtle series of advertisements. One advertisement showed Cortana mocking Siri and another ad showed how much better the Surface Pro 4 was compared to the MacBook Air, describing the Mac as 'less useful than a hat for your cat'.

This brings in the question of whether Microsoft has a point in saying all these things or not. While each of the Surface Pro 4 and the MacBook Air have special features of their own, is it fair to conclude that the Surface Pro 4 is better than the MacBook Air?

Surface Pro 4 vs MacBook Air - Body

The Surface Pro 4 is pretty proud of its detachable keys and pen, making it a very impressive hybrid device. However, the MacBook Air is specifically made to be a laptop, hence it wasn't made to have detachable parts. This also means that the MacBook Air might be a little heavier compared to the Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pro 4 vs MacBook Air - Internal Specs

The Microsoft device uses 6th gen Intel Core processor and has up to 16 GB RAM and up to 1 TB storage. It has a good 267 PPI or 5 M pixels for its display too. The MacBook Air on the other hand, uses the 5th gen Intel Core processor and its got 8 GB RAM and 512 GB space. Its screen resolution is 128 PPI or 1.3 M pixel, making it a little bit outdated compared to the Surface Pro 4.

For the cameras, the Surface Pro 4 boasts of its 5 MP front camera and 8 MP rear camera with auto focus. The MacBook Air on the other hand only sports a 720p front camera.

Surface Pro 4 vs MacBook Air - Conclusions

Needless to say, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is clearly able to beat the MacBook Air in so many aspects. The company also isn't very subtle in making the MacBook Air their point of comparison. They even used the Mac device to create a comparison table for the Surface Pro 4 in their website.

It's hard to say whether it is fair to compare the Surface Pro 4 to the MacBook Air or not. On one note, it isn't, because MacBook Air clearly cannot beat the hybrid device when it comes to portability. But on another note, Microsoft may just want to compare their device to a high end and fully functional laptop to make their device stand out even more.

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