PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One Project Scorpio Comparison: What We Know So Far

During yesterday's PlayStation Meeting held in New York City, Sony finally revealed the much-awaited PS4 hardware we knew was heading our way: the powerful PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro). Our speculation on PS4 Neo, it's predicted name, seems to have come true as it is reported to have around 2 ¼ times more power than the base PS4 model and along with it is approximately 4.2 teraflops of raw computing power.

Sony's early stats, however, were surpassed by Microsoft with its announcement of PS4 Pro's in-development rival, Project Scorpio, during this year's E3, Polygon reports. Microsoft made known to all its briefing attendees that it will be 'the most powerful console ever' even knowing that the PS4 Neo/Pro was coming out with great specs.

How powerful is Scorpio versus PS4 Pro?

With regards to computing power, Sony barely made it to 4.5 teraflops while Microsoft claims theirs to have 6. During its press conference yesterday, Sony tried to avoid discussing details on the PS4's hardware specs, but then let it out anyway via a press release confirming that the system would only run at 4.2, the prediction was 4.5. This would sync up to Polygon's e report that Project Scorpio would be 43% more powerfull.

It is worth taking note that this might change. Microsoft could reduce the power of Project Scorpio, though unlikely, given that they have already put a wager on the 6-teraflop range by using it as a marketing spiel. Also, Sony could increase the clock speeds in PS4 Pro, closing the gap. This was apparently done by both parties for the PS4 and Xbox One back in 2013.

As of this writing, it is also important to note that there's not much we know about Scorpio. RAM information for instance, is still a mystery to be unveiled despite knowing that it has dramatically pumped up its memory bandwidth. The amount of RAM could make or break Scorpio's success in terms of hardware contest against the PS4 Pro.

Taking uncertainty out of the way, Microsoft still claims that Project Scorpio will have much more power than the PS4 Pro, which takes a year or of waiting to prove.

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