Clash Of Clans Should Introduce These 4 Features In September Update

Just recently, Supercell revealed to the Clash of Clans community their core design values. The latter is basically the studio's philosophy when it comes to development -- be it on new features or updates. Unfortunately, most if not all fans were not pleased, stating that it's mere explanations of sorts. Heck, they even believe that with what the company just said, the features they've been hoping for the upcoming September update will not arrive. While the certainty remains a mystery, here are 4 features we think are a must.

Clash Of Clans Auto-Save

This one here is basically a way for Clash of Clans fans to save time. For instance, whenever waging clan wars, it's best for players to have the capability to save a default army structure of choice. Sure, players tend to use various techniques and/or strategies; however, between those lines, they usually use the same composition of troops from time to time. And if this feature becomes available on the upcoming September update, it'll make the overall gameplay experience smoother and faster.

Clash Of Clans Idle Workers Or Characters Assignment

Also, in hopes to save time while speeding up the construction process, probably it's a good idea for Clash of Clans players to assign idle workers. And most certainly, if this is added, they can reduce the time spent on production as well as the total cost. This is really an exciting feature that Supercell needs to introduce.

Clash Of Clans Dark Spells In Castles

As of this writing, Clash of Clans doesn't allow players to utilize Dark Spells whenever their castles are attacked. Now, if this is included, they'll have better chances at defending. It may not totally affect the gameplay, but somehow, it can be very useful. For instance, a spell that'll trigger poison or spawn skeleton will be enough to make the battle a little bit more interesting.

Re-Organizing Clash Of Clans Troops In Queue

Currently, Clash of Clans will have to delete their reinforced troop in the queue first whenever a clan mate tends to add a new one. Obviously, this is a bit rigorous, most especially if players need to save time in preparation. Probably it would be best for the game to give players the capability to hold and/or drag various requests on the queue.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans? How about the upcoming September update? What other features do you want to see?

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