'Pokemon Go' Update: Buddy Pokemon System Finally Announced By Niantic Labs

Just in, Buddy Pokemon are now officially coming to Pokemon Go. Confirmed by Niantic Labs, the new feature will be the latest addition upcoming version of Pokemon Go. Next version updated is speculated to be released by next week. This new feature was previously speculated and leaked early this week by dedicated players and code enthuasiasts combing through the game's codes.

Alas! It was true all along! The efforts on going through lines and lines of code has finally come with results.

As Niantic Labs reports, special in-game experience and awards await for those who walk their Buddy Pokemon to certain dstances. Niantic also has confirmed that players can earn... wait for it... Candies! The candy type will be of that of their Buddy Pokemon and candy reward will depend on the distance you walked with your Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon go. What's great is, you can switch buddies anytime you like - so this is NOT a one time deal!

As seen on the image above, Niantic Labs also posted on their site a bunch of screenshots of the Buddy Pokemon system, some of which shows the selected Buddy Pokemon standing right beside the player's avatar on the profile screen. The Pokemon are relatively presented to their trainer's size, like a Charmander has the height of the player's knees and on the other hand a snorlax occupies three quarters of the screen, towering over the player's avatar. Players can also conveniently view their Pokemon's progress by looking at the next candy icon via a tiny avatar picture located at the bottom right hand corner of the in-game screen.

Thank goodness, no more wild Pokemon hunting just for candies!

Yep, one of the best benefits of this new Buddy Pokemon system in Pokemon Go is that you no longer need to hunt the same type of Pokemon to earn candies. You simply have to walk with them. Same effort on walking but at least lesser waste on Pokeballs! This is great news for people living in rural areas, they no longer need to go to the city to catch wild Pokemon - which is ironic. Instead, rural Pokemon Go trainers can enjoy the hike on the forest, seashore, or whatever rural scene they have on their locations. 

Other teasers? 

Niantic also gave a tease that they were currently working on more exciting features that will be available later this fall. Several other promised features such as trading, a better tracker system, and PokeStop customization are still being expected by excited Pokemon Go players.

This has been the second major release following the Appraisal System.

Are you excited for this? Please let us know via the comment section below! Keep safe playing Pokemon Go. 

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