Acer Supports Building A Futuristic World With Smart City Development

In the field of innovation and technological development, each company needs to formulate a concept wherein it would involve and attract a lot of customers by promoting global development and innovative manufacturing. Acer somehow got one step towards that direction. Acer Inc. founder Stan Shih just recently proposed that Taiwan should advance the development of smart cities through a public-private-people collaboration system.

Shih proposing for "smart cities"

Addressing a seminar on the advancement of smart cities facilitated by the Industrial Technology Research Institute's (ITRI) Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK), Shih, in his ability as an ITRI laureate, called for pooling together resources from the government and the private sector to create smart cities through the system.

Taiwan being a "Silicon Island"

Based on its propelled information and communications technology (ICT), as well as software and administration design, Taiwan is on a more advantageous balance than many other countries for developing smart cities, according to Shih. He also said that Taiwan should position itself as a "Silicon Island" and develop into what he described as a "Sinnovation Island" if it means to restore the prosperity it enjoyed in as a "Technology Island."

Taiwan's advantage

Taiwan is home to the world's biggest contract manufacturing firms, which granted its status as "Silicon Island," according to Shih. Describing silicon as not only at the core of future technologies but also an avenue for innovation, Shih said that based on its advantage in this location, Taiwan should seek to become a metro of global innovation.

Taiwan - Asia's Silicon Valley

The government needs to work to find a way out for younger generations by providing an environment featuring talent and industrial clusters and constant technological innovation being considered in business models, Shih said.

As a "Silicon Island," Taiwan has the capacity to position itself as the "Silicon Valley of Asia," by taking an advantageous approach of the world's largest Chinese-speaking market and Taiwan's superior capability in technological innovation and global development, he added.

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