'Magic The Gathering: Kaladesh' Gameplay Update: Expansion Replaces Magic With Technology, Deck Of Cards; Energy Economy Introduced

In "Magic The Gathering: Kaladesh," magic will be replaced by technology featuring a new deck of cards that include the aetherborns, creatures with a very short life span but are vital to 'Kaladesh'. "Magic: The Gathering" is expected to get its 72nd expansion "Kaladesh" on Sept. 30. The plane of "Kaladesh" will be different from those in lore that use magic.

"Magic The Gathering: Kaladesh" will take place in a plane, which was the home of Planeswalker hero Chandra Nalaar. It is the place of technological marvels powered by aether, which is a heavily-trafficked cosmic element and a rare naturally-occurring magic, Touch Arcade reported.

Summon inventors, engineers, and automatons to go into battle. There will be 264 cards in the Kaladesh set. "Magic The Gathering: Kaladesh" will introduce the likes of  The Aviary Mechanic, Highspire Artisan, Nimble Innovator, Reckless Fireweaver, Restoration Gearsmith, Weapon Enthusiast, and Weldfast Wingsmith. The Aetherborns will also be in the cards such as Aetherborn Artificer, Lawless Broker (Aetherborn Rogue), Prakhata Club Security (Aetherborn Warrior), and Contraband Kingpin (Aetherborne Rogue), AV Club reported.

The "Magic The Gathering: Kaladesh" people of the plane usually harvest aether which was made to fuel many aspects of their lives. The aethers in "Magic: The Gathering" makes the energy economic but when it is refined, it takes on a whole new being, a humanoid form, the Aetherborn.

Their bodies are in flux, a residue that gives them the life that constantly dissolves away. The aetherborns have a very short life so it is very important to make use of their longevity. They also have no gender.

"Magic The Gathering: Kaladesh" is set to change the way the game is played. What started as a plane filled with horrifying Lovecraftian monsters, shambling zombies, and rogue archangels shifts to a whole new world in Kaladesh. The expansion will also introduce a new energy economy to the game, allowing players to gain and trade energy counters for special abilities through Kaladesh's lore.

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