'GTA 6' Gameplay, Rumors; 'GTA 6' Not Coming in 2017, 'GTA 5' Priority; Eva Mendez Rumors Cancelled Too?

"GTA 6" cancellation has made  a lot of fans furious, since they have been waiting for the game's release. According to its developer, Rockstar Games, "GTA5" must be prioritized for now.

Previous reports have indicated the likely release of "GTA 6" in the upcoming Sony PlayStation event. There were also claims that Eva Mendez will be included as the lead hero in the game, which was expected to be released in 2017.

But it seems that Rockstar and Sony had a change of priorities, which made GTA fans very disappointed. In fact, Sony was reportedly silent about any "GTA 6" details, and Rockstar did not even appear on the PlayStation event.

With that, speculations begin to emerge, including the developer's pull out based on the released reports, as well as the apparent delayed release of "GTA 6" until 2018. However, with some VR users constantly demanding Rockstar Games for a VR interactive game, some believe that this could eventually convince the developer to launch "GTA 6" with a VR support.

For now, "GTA 6" fans will continue hoping and waiting for Rockstar to finally listen to their demands, and that the developer will also consider following the VR trend. According to the avid fans, they have no problem waiting, as long as everything would be worth the wait, The Bit Bag reported.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that "GTA 6" may actually give a higher sales rating, despite connecting its availability to the continued financial success of GTA 5 and GTA Online. Based on Take Two Interactive's 2015 financial reports, "GTA" has the biggest contribution for its company's recent financial year.

According to the media outlet, "GTA" franchised got 54.5 percent of the net revenue of Take Two Interactive for the recent financial year. On the other hand, sales of "GTA 4" gave 46.2 percent of the company's net income in 2008.

Given the projection of the media outlet, an increase in income from "GTA 6" may be expected, based on the recorded financial success of the GTA franchise, Parent Herald reported.

Watch "GTA 6"  Official Gameplay Video:

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