'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: Things To Avoid When Playing

There are lots of Do's and Don'ts when playing Pokemon Go that you can find online. We, however, would like to remind you the things to avoid; a simple formula that will not just help you level up faster, it also cautions you to be safe.

Here are the 8 things to avoid when playing Pokemon Go that we have compiled from Looper and we added a dash of our own advice as well.

Don't keep your excess Pidgey and don't stop catching them either

Basically, these guys are always around wherever you go, along with Rattatas and other common Pokemon. What you need to do is trade or evolve them (for grinding) as soon as you have the chance. They tend to crowd your inventory hindering you from catching another Pokemon.

No lucky egg? Avoid evolving until you get one

Unless if you really have to, only do an evolution grind when you have a lucky egg, you'll thank us later. Lucky eggs double your XP so you might as well do it during your evo grind.

Never waste consumables

To make things simple, consumables have 30-minute effects. So do not use them if you only have 5 minutes to enjoy them.

Never step on Private Property

Playing Pokemon Go means going to a lot of places and most probably private properties. When doing so, be mindful where you go. There won't be anyone else to blame if you get chased by Rottweilers or have a shotgun pointed to your face.

Do not forget your route plan

The Pokemon Go app does not provide you with street names and map details, only shapes of the roads you are in. So if you plan to go on a long hunt, plan your route properly. There are lots of supporting apps for maps in Pokemon Go but if you plan to use the app alone, better plan your trip well. Else, you end up on someone's private property.

Don't play when you are driving

Well, duh. Using your phone while driving is illegal in the first place. Someone in Japan died because she got hit by a driver playing Pokemon Go. Do the math, be safe, don't be a hazard to society.

Don't forget about your surroundings

As mentioned above, playing Pokemon Go requires you to go places while mostly looking at your device. Be alert when going on a hunt. It is recommended that you go on groups so that you can assign someone as lookout and take turns. It's not a good sight for a Pokemon Go trainer walking off a cliff.

Don't run out of batteries

The worst thing that could happen during a good hunt is your phone turning off. Be ready with your power bank. Especially now that the Pokemon Go Plus is out, it would mean at least double the power requirements. We recommend having 2 power banks during your hunt.

There you go. Good luck with your journey to become the very best Pokemon Go trainer. Please hit us with your comments below.

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