'Pokemon Go' Level Up Tip: How To Use Pidgey Spam Calculator

For those who have just joined the Pokemon Go fever, you might find yourselves bullied by high level players when you enter a Pokemon Go gym. You are this happy Pokemon Go trainer entering a Pokemon Go gym usually occupied by level 20 or higher players. Your smile turns to frown as you realize you need to grind hard to even the playing fields.

How to catch up

I'm pretty sure you have heard of Pidgey farming or spamming. Don't worry about Niantic's perma-ban hammer; it's a 'legal' way to rank up fast in Pokemon Go. If done correctly, you will be able to be at level 20 or more in just a matter of days. Of course, this is provided that you get up your lazy butt and go outside to harvest Pokemon. Also, you need to be in Pokemon spawn zones or urban areas. As of this writing there aren't any Pokemon in remote areas, far away from Pokestops.

Let's start farming!

Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie are 3 common Pokemon that would aid you in leveling up fast since they only require 12 candies to evolve to the next level.

Remember, you need to go out there and hunt these Pokemon, you don't need to worry about not catching them since they spawn almost everywhere. To summarize their role, just think of them as your starter Pokemon but just because they are common and easy to level up doesn't mean you can't use them as your top fighters.

Assuming you already went out and gathered a bunch of the 3 Pokemon mentioned, it's time to head back home, get some refreshments and sit in front of your computer. It's time to farm those Pidgeys (or Weedle or Caterpie)!

Thanks to the good guys at PokeAssistant.com all you need to do is visit this page. Just key in your Pokemon, number of Pokemon, Candy on hand, and if you decide to transfer or not after evolving.

The page will take it from there and guide you with what to do.

Important note from the website: "Pidgey Spam isn't everything, check out XP Batching in Tips & Misc."

Double up with lucky eggs!

Once the steps for farming are familiarized, don't forget about the lucky egg! By consuming one you will get double XP while evolving your Pokemon. You get the idea, right? Pidgey farming plus lucky egg equal an awesome quick way to level up!

Optimizing my Pokemon

After catching up with your trainer level, you might as well optimize your Pokemon by visiting my other articles on how to use the CP and IV calculators. 

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