'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: How To Make An Extra Power Up For A Stronger Pokemon

What if we tell you that you can evolve your Pokemon way past your trainer level? Usually, when you evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Go you can indeed power it up to its limits but via traditional way of calculating its IV and you are limited at your current level, say evolving a Pokemon during level 1 is way lower than evolving it at level 25.

However, when you use the trick reported by a Redditor named ArcturusMajor, you can somewhat do a shortcut, which will power up your Pokemon to become even stronger, FragHero reports.

Tell me, tell me, tell me!

This is a great chance for your Pokemon to become stronger above everyone else's at your current level tier. This also is very useful for strong Pokemon such as Dragonite and Gyrados.

Note: the technique might not always push thru but if you closely follow these instructions, there would be higher probability that it will work for you.

How do you do it then?

Here's the report of the trick as mentioned by the ArcturusMajor:

" I did some testing on a level 25 account with a bunch of Magikarp candies and dust. My first Gyarados I evolved was powered up as much as possible and then I stopped once I thought I was getting close to the level cap (I say this becuase the bar, CP and HP would continuously reset after power ups and cause the Pokemon to look as though it hadn't been powered up). Little did I know I had exceeded the level cap for my player level. So I did the same process for the second Gyarados but stopped earlier and then returned to power it up after leaving its page. I noticed that once I finished powering it up the dust required for each Gyarado's next level was different and I couldn't power up either any more. So I repeated the process 2 more times to make sure it wasn't a one time bug and I even tested it out with a friend who evolved and powered up a Parasect in front of me to above his Pokemon's cap for his level..." Read more

When you analyze it, the trick is to power up your Pokemon even though the power bar behind it is on max. Analysis from a reply says that on a normal basis you can only power up with your trainer level and an extra +1.5, based on the statement above, it is calculated to be: trainer level plus an extra 2.5 or so.

Over-powering your Pokemon in Pokemon Go may or may not work, there are no set of studies yet to prove but just in case you have enough candies and star dust to experiment with, you are surely welcome to try it and report it on the comment section below. It is important to note that when doing this trick, you should not leave your Pokemon page if you are not done with the attempt to powering beyond the maximum.

Below is a video on a normally powered Gyrados:

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