'Pokemon Go' Tips and Tricks: How Mewtwo Can Be Caught

Listen up, folks, this should be the method on catching Mewtwo, and it's been playing right in front of us even before Pokemon Go's launch.

Sure, there are plenty of rumors surfacing the internet and some of them are credible. For instance, one theory says that if you catch 150 Pokemon, Mewtwo or any signs towards it will show up, OtakuKart  reports.

Another big theory, and most probably will happen due to a latest uncovered evidence, is that Mewtwo was originally intended to be awarded on a public event, say a public battle. To make this explanation simple, you can review the Pokemon Go trailer released by Niantic Labs themselves. This is one information source that no one was looking at. Looking at the trailer, all we had back then was pure excitement without the thoughts on how to find legendary Pokemon, we just want to play Pokemon Go right away.

As you can observe, a number of concepts - most of them came to be realized, have been already shown to us even before Pokemon Go was released. During the last minute, you can see some woman doing her usual thing in the city when an alert spelled 'raid' is flashed on TV followed by a 10 second countdown. Once it reached zero, Mewtwo appears, and Pokemon Go trainers within the area - presumed to be waiting for him, start to battle him at the same time. Mewtwo is then caught after being defeated. You may review the trailer for yourself below:

The trailer and observation seems logical to make Mewtwo a public event. How this will be implemented will depend on how the upcoming Trainer Battle system will perform and of course the players' ongoing feedback.

Another possibility is that Mewtwo can appear in gyms randomly, and the dominating team of that gym can battle it simultaneously. Once defeated, the Pokemon can be added to each participant's inventory as reward.

Are you excited about this happening for Pokemon Go soon? Hit us with your suggestions below.

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