New 'WWE 2K17' Released Featuring MyCareer Mode

2K just unveiled a brand-spanking-new trailer today unfolding the MyCareer Mode for WWE 2K17, revealing how wrestling fans slash gamers can experience what it takes to follow the footstep of that "Paul Heyman Guy."

Checking out 'MyCareer' Mode, you will be starting up with a main roster, involve in rivalries with other 'pro wrestlers', earn a bunch of titles, even earn royalties from merchandise. How cool is that? The Promo Engine will guarantee you can modify your own flamboyantly themed ring entrance to keep things on top of its hype, which absolutely makes this WWE game installment one of the best yet, WWG reports.

Basically, it means gamers can now call out and also respond to fellow WWE Superstars. You can customize dialogue, modify outfits, even interaction among wrestlers can be controlled during any event.

The game is available for Pc, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. During the game's progress you will end up facing Brock Lesner, WWE 2K17 cover star. The game will also feature awesome content intercut with pieces of actual WWE programming combined with run-ins, presentation systems, and the most awesome pre-match and post-match attacks.

Guess who's joining the party?

The crowd! They can now break out into fights among themselves. Going back to the roots of SmackDown Vs Raw with a dash of SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain. The point is, modern WWE games bring the gap between what seems to be a video game and the actual match on TV.

And if that doesn't satisfy you, which we bet as of this point your eyes are turning into hearts or stars, you can also customize your own championship titles, your very own special Pay-per-view. All these options to truly create your own WWE franchise. Check out the video below.

Pump up those muscles as WWE2K17 will be out on Oct. 11 across Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Hit us with your comments below.

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