Clash Of Clans September Update Release Date Revealed; TH12 Arriving?

Clash of Clans fans have been looking forward for the next big update, which is slated to arrive this month. The upcoming patch is said to bring hefty features to the hit mobile game, changing its gameplay as a whole. But among these possible inclusions, one that will surely excite the community is the supposed arrival of Town Hall 12.

According to Chief spAnser, a well-known tipster in the Clash of Clans Subreddit, players can expect the so-called Sneak Peeks this week. Obviously, this is something that fans will have to look forward to. Why? That's because as soon as it happens, they can expect September update's release date to be finally announced.

It holds true that nothing much has been revealed about the upcoming Clash of Clans update. Except, of course, with the so-called Clan Challenge, which was revealed by Supercell via their official forum site. Nevertheless, features like an ability to mine gems for free have found their way online.

Chief spAnser, however, mentioned that Clash of Clans players shouldn't get their hopes high with the Clan Challenge feature. He explained that it's very unlikely for it to arrive along with the September update. But still, it's worth looking forward to.

True enough, Clash of Clans fans have lots of questions that need answer from Supercell. And one of these? Well, it's the possibility of introducing another TH Level -- Town Hall 12 in particular. There were rumors about it being announced at ClashCon. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled.

But just because ClashCon was cancelled, it doesn't necessarily mean that a new Clash of Clans Town Hall Level will also be postponed. Nevertheless, as noted by All Clash, if anything else, the new TH level could find its way in the next 12 months.

While all of these Clash of Clans speculations are quite interesting so to speak, they should be taken as such. For now, it's up to Supercell to confirm these talks.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans next update? What other features are you looking forward to? Do you think Town Hall Level 12 could arrive anytime soon? Let us know what you're thinking by using the comment section below!

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