Latest Clash Of Clans Update Release Date Revealed, Introduces New Challenge Mode

By Alvin Elfwine , Sep 14, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Since time immemorial, fans of Clash of Clans have been speculating about anything regarding the big September update. From its launch date all the way through the features it'll introduce, these have all been part of the rumor mill. And finally now, the said update already has an official release date. More so, a very interesting feature is being added.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Supercell is looking to dominate once again the mobile game realm through the release of the Clash of Clans September update. In fact, it's even believed to be a move to keep the competition against Niantic's Pokemon GO alive. Hence the talks about some cool, hefty features.

As for its release date, Movie News Guide reports that the upcoming Clash of Clans update will be rolled out come September 18. And take note, as what Supercell promised to the community, it's going to be the biggest one yet.

This month's Clash of Clans update will bring various improvements and brand new features. As a matter of fact, fans can expect a brand new game mode, one that is completely unique from the current three (i.e. Friendly Challenge, Single Player and Money Player).

The forthcoming Clash of Clans update is also expected to offer a couple of balancing features. The studio is said to make the game more balanced this time, something that fans have been hoping for. The improvements are said to affect all Town Hall levels.

Apart from the aforementioned Clash of Clans features, the capability to mine gems for free is probably on the top of list. The company is rumored to deliver this feature through a reward system of sort. This means that players will have to complete tasks. Nevertheless, there have been debates about its possibility, as many suggest that Supercell won't allow such to happen. After all, gems are the company's cash cow.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Clash of Clans September update? Are you excited for its arrival? What features do you want to see? Let us know at the comment section below!

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