Leaked Fingerprint Sensor Patent Reveals Microsoft Surface Phone Might Not Be A Hoax After All

The Surface Phone has been a constant topic in the tech industry despite the lack of official announcements. Apparently, news about the Lumia line's cancellation emerged last month and speculations about a new smartphone flagship from Microsoft has strengthened. However, it is still undeniable that the existence of the Microsoft Surface Phone remains unverified. The only thing that fans can hold on to are internet leaks about the device.

Microsoft Surface Phone Leaks

The most recently mentioned leak about the Surface Phone is that Microsoft has already applied for a certain patent for a smart device. According to a source, the company has filed a patent for what is described as 'fingerprint detection with transparent cover'. If true, then the rumors about a new Microsoft smartphone are probably true.

Furthermore, if the said fingerprint scanner is to be used, this will allow the Surface Phone to be much slimmer than other smartphones with older fingerprint scanning technology. Needless to say, this upgrade may not be groundbreaking, and this may not even be a first in general. However, this goes to show that Microsoft is doing its best to compete with the latest flagship phones in the mobile market.

Microsoft Surface Phone Previous Rumors

According to a report from IBTimes, the Surface Phone is waiting for the Intel Kaby Lake Processor to ship. This means that the anticipated Microsoft Phone with 8 GB RAM and 21 MP rear camera might wait until 2017 before it can be unveiled. Redstone 2 might have also affected the release of the Surface Phone since it has also been reported that the phone will run the new update. However, this update is also scheduled for a full 2017 release.

Surface Phone Expectations Continue To Arise

Now that a patent has been allegedly filed by Microsoft, fans can't help but be assured that the company is indeed releasing a new smartphone. Unless the said patent is for the Surface Pro 5 or the Surface Book 2, then it looks like a phone is indeed coming from the company. Of course, it's almost impossible that the display-embedded fingerprint sensor is for the Surface Pro 5 or the Surface Book 2, considering that the technology seems more appropriate for a handheld device and not for a computer or a tablet. Thus, Surface fans can just keep their fingers crossed that the Microsoft Surface Phone actually exists, and will be releasing soon.

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