Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Catches Fire On Singapore-Chennai IndiGo Flight

Samsung has been having issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lately with its battery exploding. This has caused the company to recall units of the Galaxy Note 7 to have them replaced. It looks like the Galaxy Note 7 isn't alone, though, as there are reports of a Galaxy Note 2 catching fire as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a much older smartphone, having come out in 2012. Since it came out there have been no major issues regarding it. Now it has been reported that a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has caught fire on an IndiGo flight. The plane is said to be on its way to Chennai come from Singapore.

While the plane was on its way to Chennai passengers noticed smoke coming from one of the overhead compartment bins and alerted cabin crew, as Phone Arena reports. Inside one of the bags, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was discovered with sparks and smoke. No one was injured and nothing was damaged during the incident.

According to GSM Arena, Samsung is investigating the incident. Its cause is yet to be determined, but GSM Arena notes that the smartphone has been around for over 3 years. In that time, an incident where the device caught fire only occurred now. The speculation is that the battery used for it is an old one which likely swelled up. Batteries heat up while charging and old ones are especially susceptible to overheating.

It is also speculated that the battery might be a cheap imitation battery. Imitation batteries have little quality control and could also likely cause an accident. While the incident is being investigated India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued and advisory for all passengers to turn off any Samsung Galaxy Note device during flights.

Samsung will issue a statement about the incident and also investigate on it.

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