'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Spoilers: Alex Going To Jail? Will He End Up With Meredith After All The Ups And Downs?

After the "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 has already premiered, there are now many talks and theories as to what will happen to Alex after the events that transpired. Many are also wondering if this will give Alex and Meredith a chance to explore their feelings towards each other.

Alex Karev Surrenders Himself To The Police After Nearly Beating DeLuca To Death, Meredith Visits And Comforts Him In Jail

It is undeniable that the bond of friendship between Alex and Meredith in the series is so strong, that many are quick to assume that this may lead to romance at some point. Especially with the show's history of just interchanging partners among doctors, a possible romance between the two friends is likely to happen at some point.

During the premiere of "Grey's Anatomy" season 13, it can be recalled that Alex almost beat DeLuca to death and even though Meredith was ready to save him from any possible consequences, he decided to surrender himself to the police instead. Meredith is also quick to go to jail and bail Alex out of his misery, although the latter is worried that he may lose his license after what happened.

Will The Events Of The Season 13 Premiere Of "Grey's Anatomy" Open Doors To The Romantic Relationship Of Alex And Meredith?

In line with this, the fans of "Grey's Anatomy" seem to see this as an opportunity to open the door of a possible romantic relationship between Meredith and Alex. The two have been friends since the first season and with Cristina Yang gone, Alex has replaced her place in Meredith's life as "her person."

There have also been reports to Shonda Rhimes being open to the possibility of writing up that storyline. She admitted that after she watched the premiere, she believed that the viewers will definitely ship the Alex and Meredith tandem. Although not confirming anything, the doors are open to that happening after Meredith shut down her possible romantic interest, Riggs at the expense of Maggie's feelings.

There is still a lot in store for the lives of the characters after the events that transpired during the season 13 premiere of "Grey's Anatomy." The series is set to air every Thursday night on ABC at 8:00.

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