'Quantico' Season 2 Spoilers, Premiere Recap: More Action Expected; WIll Alex And Ryan Break Up?

The long wait is over. "Quantico" Season 2 premiered Sunday and fans got to see a lot of action from the very start -- jumping from an airplane, Alex beating people's asses in her heals--and a First Lady decapitated!

The first episode titled "Kudove" featured Alex and Ryan in the CIA  a year after Alex was fired from the FBI. The scenes went back and forth from past and present. Ryan was trying to pop the question to Alex with a ring but Alex got a call and bolted.

Where did they see each other next? At CIA training hub called The Farm. The two were pissed at each other from not telling the other about their entry at CIA and launched into a verbal argument. However, that's not the end of the misunderstanding. The two will face love trials in "Quantico" season 2 not just because they have to hide their relationship from the group but also due to possibilities of new love interests coming their way.

In the CIA examinations Alex was surprised at Ryan's ability to lie. The test involves a lot of lying and Ryan was at the top while Alex was at rock bottom. Obviously, Alex cannot mask her emotions while Ryan seemed to be a pro, and this made Alex more doubtful of Ryan.

Back to present, Alex and Ryan seemed to have broken up, or was it just a pretense? Masked men from the Citizen's Liberation Front attacked the G20 summit. They were asking for release if some international prisoners or innocent people will die. Fighting ensued and in the final scenes, the First Lady was pulled up to the stage. Next thing the viewers saw, her head was already rolling on the floor.

Alex and Ryan will deal with possible espionage within CIA, which was also revealed to involve even the FBI. 

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