'Maid Sama!' And 'Does Yuki Fall To Hell?' Crossover In New Hiro Fujiwara Manga

After the manga ended in 2013, "Maid Sama!" fans are waiting for a season 2 for the anime adaptation. Yet now, manga artist Hiro Fujiwara is treating fans with a crossover with another one of her works, "Does Yuki Fall to Hell?," which has just recently ended.

The "Maid Sama!" and "Does Yuki Fall To Hell?" crossover was announced on Saturday in an issue of Hakusensha's monthly LaLa magazine, the same issue which released "Does Yuki Fall To Hell?" final chapter. Fujiwara will release the crossover manga for the February issue on Dec. 24, Anime News Network reported

Set in a former all-boys school, Seika High, "Maid Sama!" tells the crazy love story of its uptight, boy-hating student council president Misaki Ayuzawa and a popular boy in the same school, Usui Takumi. Ayuzawa did her best to gain recognition from teachers and students to become the head of the student council with a vision of transforming the school to be more female friendly. But despite her strong facade, she is actually working as a maid in a maid cafe. Takumi learns her secret and he seems to be making fun of him at first and always comes to her aid when she needs help. However, Takumi also has a shocking secret.

The manga ended with an epilogue of Takumi and Ayuzawa's wedding 10 years after the events in highschool. Takumi became a doctor while Ayuzawa is a diplomat. Takumi's family has already accepted Ayuzawa and the two escaped their exhausting wedding ceremonies by flying off with a chopper, similar to the one Ayuzawa used when she made her forced entry to the palace to see Takumi. A 26-episode anime series adaptation "Maid Sama!" was also released in 2010.

On the other hand, "Does Yuki Fall to Hell?" is a military story which revolves around Yuki, an ordinary girl living in a rural area in Kyoto and a sudden change in her fate after her 16th birthday.

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