Spotify Introduces ‘Daily Mix’- The Playlist Tailored To Your Taste

Spotify has just released the newest playlist Daily Mix on both Android and iOS devices yesterday, Sept. 26. This playlist is more personalized than Spotify's other playlists, but remains to be app-generated still.

Android and iOS handset owners can now take advantage of Spotify's new playlist called Daily Mix. Weeks after Discover Weekly was made available to Spotify users, the streaming app has introduced a more personalized playlist without the user having to select each song in his playlist.

Users will have one to six mixes every day; this may vary according to the mode of user's music being played in the recent weeks with regard to genre.

Daily Mix is noted to be good at bringing back music from different times in the same mix as the playlist generates a mix according to a user's taste. Hence, The Verge has called Daily Mix "like a radio station tailored by your taste."

Ogle says that his company has carefully tried the mix with several changes already being done in the process before it hit Spotify.

Daily Mix vs. Discover Weekly

At first glance, Daily Mix and Discover Weekly differ only in refresh time. There is more than meets the eye though.

According to Matt Ogle, Spotify's lead for music discovery and personalization, Daily Mix uses almost the same approach with Discover Weekly in a way that the newly-released playlist predicts which type or genre of music the user wants to listen to through the 'ban' button. This button is used when the user does not like the music and wants to terminate it.

The playlist will then predict next time which genre of songs the user wants to listen to. A report from Venture Beat stated however that new users will have to use the playlist for two weeks -or more frequently-so it will generate relevant mixes.

While Discover Weekly refreshes itself every Monday, Daily Mix does every 24 hours.

In another news, Tech Crunch quoted Ogle saying that Spotify is brewing to bring the streaming app to other platforms like desktop and the web.

Spotify currently has 100 million active users worldwide and over 30 million paying subscribers.

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