Minecraft Update: New Bosses, Add-Ons Coming Next Month

It seems a couple of interesting things are coming to Minecraft next month. Publisher Microsoft and developer Mojang revealed that a new Boss update will arrive in October. And not just that, there are a good number of add-ons that players can expect as well.

According to Social Times, the aforementioned Minecraft update will be launched on the three versions of the game -- namely, Windows 10 Edition Beta, Pocket Edition and Gear VR Edition. The Boss update is slated to be introduced on October 18.

It's worth noting that the said Minecraft update will offer a total of two bosses. These are the Wither and the Elder Guardian. Nevertheless, there are other features expected to arrive. These are basically deemed as add-ons, the first iteration in the title. The latter will allow players to change various elements within their respective worlds through "editing simple text files."

Executive producer of Minecraft, Jesse Merriam, explained via a blog post that through these add-ons, players can effectively add massive explosions to "tiny chickens." Or perhaps, they can "make villagers run at lightning speed" if they want to chase monster mob.

The cool thing also about the aforesaid Minecraft add-ons is that fans can share their worlds with others. Heck, they can even upload these to their preferred Realms.

The upcoming Minecraft Boss update can be downloaded straight from the game's website as soon as it's made available. Add-ons, in particular, are also expected to be a permanent thing in the game. Abilities to alter and/or block items are said to be included in the future.

What are your thoughts on the latest Minecraft update? Are you excited to battle these bosses? What do you think about the add-ons being added to the game? Do they excite you as well? Be sure to use the comment section below and let us know what you think!

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