'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: Device Setting To Help Easily Capture Flying Pokemon With High CP

Collecting strong Flying Pokemon in Pokemon Go turns out to be pretty hard due to the fact that they are 'far' away and the chances of not hitting the mark is high. Pokemon with higher CP gets harder to catch too, so if you add that in the mix, you will need to spend a lot of Pokeballs. We have posted a way to tackle this and it's worth a try.

This article posts another trick to decrease the waste of Pokeballs when trying to catch a flying type. As we all know, catching a flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Go is like trying to hit a moving target that is far away. This would mean that we need to swipe 'further' towards the Pokemon in order for the Pokeball to somehow reach and capture the target.

With this new tip, you can increase your chances of catching flying type Pokemon with High CP in Pokemon Go, as reported by OtakuKart.com

What's the trick then?

Simple, activate the setting on your device or phone that allows 'windowed' mode, or better termed in the mobile world as 'screen shrinking'.

To better illustrate, see the video below:

It is important to note that this feature is not available across all devices. So far, this is available in the Samsung Notes 3 to 5, Lenovo Vibe K4, and others.

On most devices, it is listed under advanced features, so you need to go deeper into your phone's settings to find this. A general tip on how to look for this feature on the internet is to simply Google: 'How to shrink screen for '

Once discovered, all you need to do is, open your Pokemon Go the usual way. Once it is running, turn on the 'shrink screen' feature by performing a gesture (depends on device). If successful, your Pokemon Go app is now 'windowed' and you can now notice that throwing the Pokeball is now easier for flying type Pokemon.

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