'Quantico' Premiere Recap: After Joining The CIA, Alex Is Attacked By A Very Familiar Face

The premiere of "Quantico" season 2 was epic from the beginning to the end. After Alex join the CIA, her first mission leads her to be attacked by assailants and one of them is no other than the "millennial Tom Clancy" from her program, Jeremy.

In a summit for world leaders gathering, Alex spots unmarked trucks entering a secure area that's close to the summit. And in that moment, explosions go off one after the other around the perimeter. Suddenly men in black with masks appear around the area and gasses everyone, including POTUS and FLOTUS. These men call themselves Citizen's Liberation Front and they demand pardons for world perpetrators of security crimes or else they will unleash a biological agent. This is where Alex has been attacked by Jeremy.

Alex successfully fights the assailants and successfully unmasks one. This is when she discovers his identity. Jeremy says "You're wrong about a lot of things, aren't you?" And before Alex can ask any question, he quickly jumps from a window, possibly to his death. Meanwhile, with a room full of hostages, POTUS grants pardon to the first criminal hoping that it will save everyone in the area. But he was wrong. The assailants now move to their next objective which is to the kill the first lady live on camera by beheading.

In the last minute of the episode, the first lady is taken to the stage and decapitated.

Quantico is a drama thriller series on ABC and stars Priyanka Chopra, Jake Mclaughlin, Josh Hopkins, Yasmine Al Massri, Aunjanue Ellis, Johanna Braddy, Graham Rogers, Tate Ellington, Russel Tovey, Anabelle Acosta, Pearl Thusi, Blair Underwood and Aaron Diaz. Initially, it was only supposed to have 13 episodes in its first season but was ordered to extend until 22 episodes. It gained total viewers of 8.05 million in its first season which is not surprising why just after less than 6 months, the show has been renewed for a second season.

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