‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Meredith Rejects Maggie & Nathan’s Date; Half-Sisters Made An Honesty Pact

"Grey's Anatomy" season 13 puts relationships to hot waters with the love triangle that surrounds half sisters Meredith and Maggie and the man that stands between them, Nathan.

"Grey's Anatomy" Sneak Peek Shows A Jealous Meredith On Maggie And Nathan's Alleged Dating

The sneak peek below suggests an awkward situation among Meredith, Maggie and Nathan.

While having a private chat during Owen's housewarming party, Maggie and Nathan were interrupted by Meredith by telling them that she needs to talk to Nathan about a particular patient as her way of warning Nathan on Maggie's plan of dating him.

"Maggie is going to ask you out. On a date ... she wants to date you. And you are going to be nice and say 'No,' " Meredith said.

"Oh, so she doesn't know that you're madly in love with me," Nathan replied.

Meredith And Maggie To Fight Over Trust Issues

International Business Times noted the importance of honesty and trust to Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) especially when her father, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) kept the truth from her for a long time.

"One of the things that we know about Maggie, is that she is really a stickler for honesty and the truth. In her first season, she really holds it against Richard that he didn't tell her [he was her father] right away, that he withheld the truth for any length of time. To me, that's an indication of how we can expect Maggie to feel about any lack of honesty, any lack of full transparency and disclosure in a relationship - especially with somebody that she trusts and, more than trusts, really relies upon as much as Meredith."

A report mentioned that Maggie has been eyeing Nathan as her potential romantic partner. With her half-sister and Nathan's dark secret, how will Dr. Pierce accept the hurting reality when she finds out their hidden relationship?

It looks like a bad blood between the siblings are cooking up sourly and slowly.

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