AMD To Venture Into Internet Of Things Industries

Recent reports suggest that AMD also wants to expand its presence in the Internet of Things industry. In fact, it was said that the company would want its Polaris GPUs to be in Las Vegas gambling electronic devices.

Mobile Chip Makers Venture In Internet Of Things Industries

AMD's decision to double down its business in the tech industry through IoT products is not at all shocking. Qualcomm has also announced its desire to venture more in IoT by making its Snapdragon line available to more manufacturers. Both AMD and Qualcomm apparently believe that the IoT market is becoming too developed to be ignored. The two companies have already announced this week that they would want their PC and mobile-based products to also be used in IoT devices.

AMD's Step In Expanding To The IoT Field

AMD is said to have adapted its Polaris GPU architecture for the IoT industries. The goal of the newly-adapted and developed chips is to bring in more competent multimedia to smart devices. For example, drones need to be able to analyze images properly so as to function better in recognizing objects. The same thing is true for robots, especially to the ones that are used in factories to distinguish one product from another. In such cases, GPUs can help in providing these devices the appropriate horsepower to function properly.

The AMD Radeon E9260 and E9550 are GPUs that can be used in IoT devices. These two chips are aimed for digital signs, retail kiosks, gaming machines and other devices that use highly splashing graphics. AMD's chips have actually become pretty popular in Japan gaming parlors. However, the company might currently be eyeing U.S. casinos more than any other gambling location. According to a source, AMD is currently chasing selected markets in its IoT venture. However, the company's Polaris GPU is yet to ship this year.

Needless to say, this could definitely mean an increase in the production of smart devices. If the IoT industries continue to get support from giant chip makers, people can expect that more and more smart devices will be released to the market.

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