'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 60 Spoilers, News And Updates: Vegeta Transforms To Super Saiyan White? Black Goku's Identity Revealed?

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 59, fans witnessed the defeat of Zamasu from the hands of Beerus. With Zamasu vanishing into thin air, is it safe to assume that he is gone for good? Or will the fans see more of him in episode 60?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60 titled "Back to the Future: Goku Black's Identity Revealed," implies that the future is still not safe from the evil plans of Zamasu and Black Goku. It can be recalled that the two were seen in the preview for the upcoming episode. However, many fans speculate that the two will meet their demise soon.

Rumors claim that in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60, Vegeta will transform to Super Saiyan White in order to fight Black Goku who transforms to Super Saiyan Rose. It can be recalled that Vegeta was badly attacked by Black Goku in episode 58. Add that to the fact that his wife, Bulma would die in the hands of the said villain. These factors might trigger Vegeta's transformation and put an end to his existence.

As reported, it would be waste if Vegeta will just get pounded again in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60 especially after he skipped the fight with future Zamasu thinking that it's just a waste of his time. If Vegeta did transform to Super Saiyan White, that will make him a level higher than Goku.

Meanwhile, fans also anticipate the revelation of Black Goku's true identity. In the previous episode, it was revealed that Zamasu wants to use the Super Dragon Balls to gain immortality and create Black Goku. Is that where the evil Goku really came from?

Fans of the hit franchise won't have to wait longer as "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 60 is set to air on Oct.2.

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