Rockstar Should Really Consider These 4 Cities In GTA 6

GTA 6 is without a doubt one of the best titles to ever come out (if it indeed happens). After all, the franchise is a proven success, with a solid reputation both in the market and in the industry. Nevertheless, since its release is still vague (though chances are, it's happening), all fans could do is anticipate. Well, speaking of that, here are 4 locations we believe are worth considering.

Atlanta In GTA 6

When it comes to topics about culture, GTA 6 can certainly leverage on this. Atlanta is the kind of city that boasts in various cultures. So if the title wants to offer a new perspective, Rockstar should definitely consider it. The location is deemed as a home to one of the busiest airports in the world -- a place to put in some extracurricular activities.

Chicago In GTA 6

If the devs want GTA 6 to offer a windy atmosphere, then Chicago is their best bet. Heck, including it is even a no-brainer at all. From its train systems to traditions to cultures, it'll give players a lot of activities to be done while causing wreckage. Besides, this location has been part of every fan's list for the supposed title.

Washington, D.C. In GTA 6

Like seriously, who wouldn't want to experience this area in GTA 6? Washington, D.C. is absolutely a great playground to experience. After all, it wouldn't be called the Capital City if not for its beauty. Moreover, Rockstar can come up with a nice storyline on it, too. Now that's where all the party begins. For instance, the title may offer a plotline in which the protagonist can become the head of the state. Isn't that too exciting?

Detroit In GTA 6

Truth is, GTA 6 is a crime-themed title -- there's no doubt about that. So what better place to magnify all the underground business? Well, Detroit for sure. One of the toughest and historic cities in the US, the city was infamously known for being bankrupt way back in 2013. This location should be a top candidate.

What are your thoughts on the aforementioned possible locations in GTA 6? Which is your personal favorite? Can you think of another location or city that Rockstar could introduce? Go ahead and share us what you think at the comment section below!

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