AMD Vega 10 Rumored To Launch At November SuperComputer Show

The AMD Vega 10 has been rumored for quite a while now, with speculated announcement dates that have been left unverified. Most rumors has been pointing out to a late 2016 launch. Needless to say, this is yet to be confirmed as well. However, a recent report came out, and it pretty much supports the idea that AMD is actually announcing their next-gen Vega GPU before the year ends.

AMD Vega 10 Launching 2016

According to a Fudzilla source, AMD's first HBM 2 card called Vega 10 is indeed launching this year. However, it could just be launched for the professional market. According to the reports, the overall release would probably take place next year. One possible reason for an early launch is to make fans more excited about the actual release and allowing AMD to prepare for mass production for 2017.

Since AMD did not give fans an exact date for this year's launch, there are people who expect it to happen in the 2016 Supercomputer show occurring in November. However, it could always be possible for AMD to set up an event of their own. Fans just need to keep their fingers crossed and hope for AMD to finally give everyone a confirmed announcement date.

AMD Vega 10: What To Expect

The Vega series will come in a number of variants. According to a source, these variants have actually been detailed in a roadmap that has been leaked a while ago. The top end GPU variant will have 16 GB HBM 2. A lower variant will also be released and it will come with a slightly lower HBM 2. Furthermore, this new release is expected to put the RTG pro group in a better place, as AMD's Vega 10 is highly expected to compete well with Nvidia. Needless to say, fans are all excited to see what the new GPU can do. It is also quite interesting to see the benefits that the improved memory and memory interface will bring to the new Vega architecture.

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