‘Quantico’ Season 2 Updates: Alex To Master The Art Of Deception & More Details About The Crying Woman In Her Room

The premiere episode of the drama thriller “Quantico” season 2 is just the beginning of great things set to happen as more explosive events are yet to be revealed.

Episode 2 Will See Alex’s Struggles With Lies And Exploitations

Despite clearing her name and saving lives of millions, FBI decided to terminate Alex and found herself working in CIA instead.

While in training in episode 2 titled “Lipstick,” the brave agent will struggle a lot with her class in CIA as she got used with FBI’s rules and regulations. The name was based on a large surveillance project based out of Mexico City and serves as the lesson in Alex’s class.

Showrunner Joshua Safran said that Alex’s challenges in the course of her CIA training will continue.

“[Last year] she had the answers, she had the solutions, she was the smartest, she was the fastest thinker, so we talked a lot this year about how the FBI and CIA operate incredibly differently,” Safran revealed to Entertainment Weekly. “It is true that at the FBI, you are taught to be true and just and moral, and at the CIA, you’re actually taught to lie, to deceive, to manipulate, so somebody who has been so good at truth, justice, and the American way will have a harder time than somebody else who couldn’t quite hit that benchmark.”

It looks like the series’ main character is in for a difficult task of getting herself used to the world of deception.

Who Is The Crying Woman In Alex’s Room?

Alex has a mysterious roommate seen in the end of the season premiere who is crying silently in the bedroom.

The strange woman is Dayana Mampasi (South African actress Pearl Thusi), a famed attorney who came to US from Zimbabwe and unexpectedly works for the CIA.

Although Safran did not elaborate on the role of Dayana, the upcoming episodes will unleash more of the new life that she takes.

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