'Pokemon Go' News: Pokemon Go Plus Device Restocked And Went Out-Of-Stock In Minutes

Pokemon Go Plus, following the success of Pokemon Go, has also hit the 'demand' spotlight as it always goes out of stock. The wearable device allows Pokemon trainers to somehow automate some of the tasks in Pokemon Go. With a click of a button instead of taking your phone out from your pocket to check what happened, this device is really an aid especially for those trainers who want to be the very best.

How Does Pokemon Go Plus Work?

The device pairs up with your device via Bluetooth. Once successfully paired, it will send you color signals and vibrations to indicate certain occurrences without even looking at your phone.

A blue light means that you are on a Pokestop, clicking the device's only button will allow you to collect the goodies. A green light indicates a chance to capture a Pokemon that you already have, still with a button click. A yellow light indicates a Pokemon you don't have yet, most likely a rare one - we actually wrote something about the complications of detecting 'yellow' using the Pokemon Go plus. A red light indicates various error messages, depending on how they light and vibrate. For a complete guide on Pokemon Go Plus signals, you may read this article.

Selling like hotcakes

On Sep. 29, the fast selling add-on device went up for sale via Pokemoncenter which is the official store for Pokemon Go, but only for a few moments. The device went up for sale, technically for a few minutes then went out-of-stock, again. Here is a chat between Otaku Kart and Pokemoncenter talking about the topic:

Still going strong

Despite the rumors of it going down, Pokemon Go is still selling hot, the Pokemon Go Plus itself is one evidence. Below is an elaboration on why Pokemon Go will not go away anytime soon:


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