'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: Top 5 Ghost/Psychic Type Pokemon

Today we are going to tackle the top 5 Ghost/Psychic Pokemon. It is important to note that the rankings are based on the best combination of the Pokemon type's statistics. For those who do not know yet, Pokemon in Pokemon Go are grouped into 'types' which distinguish their strengths and weaknesses. Much like playing Rock-Paper-Scissors but on an much higher level.

We previously wrote on an article on where we can find them. To sum up, Ghost-Types can be found mostly at residential areas and parking lots, during night time. There are only 3 ghost types on Pokemon Go: Gastly, Gengar, and Haunter. While Psychic-Types can be found in hospitals, also can be regularly found in downtown and residential areas within the afternoon towards night. There are 14 psychic type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, they are: Abra, Alakazam, Drowzee, Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Hypno, Jynx, Kadabra, Mew, Mewtwo, Mr. Mime, Slowbrow, and Slowpoke.

With regards to strengths and weaknesses, Ghost Types are best against: Ghost/Psychic; not recommended against: Dark/Ghost. On the other hand,Psychic Type are best against: Fighting/Poison; not recommended against: Bug/Dark/Ghost. Below is the list of top 5 Ghost/Psychic pokemon, added with a dash of some back story from the original anime series. 

TOP 5: Jynx | Max CP 1716.73 - Jynx first appearance: Holiday Hi-Jynx. One of Santa Claus's companion Jynx got separated from him. Ash, together with his friends helped find Jynx and return her to Santa.

TOP 4: Alakazam | Max CP 1813.82 - Blue has an Alakazam, which first appeared in The Challenger. He chose it for his Pokémon League encounter against Lorelei bringer her Lapras. Eventually, Alakazam won, allowing him to challenge Bruno.

TOP 3: Mr. Mime | Max CP 1494.42 - Mr. Mime's first appeared in It's Mr. Mime Time. Ash together with friends were on a quest to capture a Mr. Mime to replace a performer at Stella's circus. This Pokemon is reported to be exclusive in only parts of the world.

TOP 2: Gengar | Max CP 2078.23 - Ash first saw Gengar in Lavender Town along The Tower of Terror while looking for a Ghost-type Pokémon to use against Sabrina. Unexpectedly, Ash got to spend some time with the ghost trio, Gengar, Gastly, and Haunter.

TOP 1: Hypno | Max CP 2184.16 - First appeared in Hypno's Naptime. The Pokémon Lover's Club from HopHopHop Town chose Hypno and Drowzee to aid them with their amnesia. Hypno's "Sleep Waves" made the children to act like Pokémon, draining energy in the process. Luckily, Drowzee succeeded to fix this problem.

There you go, those are the top 5 picks of Pokemon Ghost/Psychic types as reported by OtakuKart.com. As always, keep safe playing Pokemon Go and hit us with your comments below. How many of these Pokemon you have captured? Hit us with your awesome comments below.

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