93,000 Pokemon Go Accounts Hacked Over The Weekend; How To Resolve If You're One Of Them

Over 93,000 Pokemon Trainer Accounts with their passwords were published on a sub-Reddit named PokemonGoDev. Obviously, the file containing the sensitive information was removed moments after it was discovered. If you suspect that someone else is tampering with your Pokemon Go account, then you might want to read this article.

According the Reddit user, paralized21, /r/pokemongodev had a malicious post yesterday with a file you can download containing 93,000 Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) accounts with passwords. The sub-Reddit admin have deleted the post right away but it does not mean that users on that list are safe. He woke up yesterday morning and could not login due to apparent change in password. Luckily he was able to reset it quickly. The only difference he noticed were his injured Pokemon got healed and one of his incubators were used on a 2km egg. The user also received emails about the urgency to change his PTC password.

for those of you who don't know, 93k ptc accounts hacked yesterday from pokemongo

Whose accounts got compromised?

To cushion this bad news, only Pokemon Trainer Club accounts got hacked and exposed, as confirmed as of this writing. This means that if you are using your Google account to play Pokemon Go, you are safe.

How about those using PTC for Pokemon Go?

If you are using a Pokemon Trainer Club account and was one of the victims on the leaked list of usernames and passwords, you should be receiving a password recovery notification and should right away recover your account, hopefully with less damage done to your game progress. This is if your linked email and your PTC logins have different passwords.

In case you have used the same passwords for your email and your PTC account (which is really not recommended in the first place), make sure you have changed both (or at least one of them) right now. Tendency is when your PTC account got compromised; the hacker will then pursue your email address with the hope that you got the same password. From that point, you will totally be locked out, unless you have another email account for recover.

Below is a video commentary about this incident courtesy of Otaku Kart.

Did you notice anything lately about your PTC account logging in to Pokemon Go? Hit us with your comments below.

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