NBA 2K17 Complete Guide To Pick And Roll Defense

For anyone who loves the sport of basketball, 2K Games' NBA 2K17 is definitely a treat. But of course, like any other games out there, it isn't always moonlight and roses. Players surely need a tip or two to know their way inside the game. Speaking of which, here's a guide that'll teach you how to do the proper pick and roll defense.

In our previous guide, we taught you about the importance of NBA 2K17 badges and how to acquire each of them (most especially the Grand Badge). Now, you'll learn the basics of defending a pick and roll play, something that'll really give you a huge lift.

What NBA 2K17 Players Need To Remember First

As much as possible, NBA 2K17 players need to determine if they either want the on-ball defender to go under the screen or over it. Typically, it would be best to go over screens rather than go up against average shooters. When players tend to go over or under, such technique can be used in every privet defense effectively. Nevertheless, it always depends on the ability of the ball handler to shoot.

The NBA 2K17 Over/No Hedge Technique

If NBA 2K17 players opt to go with no hedge, it means that the big man has to go back in the paint and defend. From there, they'll have to let the ball handler be at him. In its most organic form, this is the most conservative when it comes to hedging. It should be noted, however, that this trick will work best only with centers as well as other slow footed huge men.

The NBA 2K17 Over/Hard Hedge

This NBA 2K17 move here is quite aggressive in terms of pick and role defense, thus should only be utilized with big men that are agile enough. The hedge player will stunt out and/or attempt to defend the ball handler, forcing him to get rid of it. If, and only if, he gets caught, the big man will surely be left on an island.

The NBA 2K17 Over/Catch Hedge

The NBA 2K17 catch hedge is synonymous to a midway point between no hedge and the stay attached. The big man will drop straight to the paint. However, instead of hanging all the way back, he will have to dart straight to the screener so as to initiate a protection against a possible roll and pop.

What are your thoughts on this NBA 2K17 guide for pick and roll defense? Any tips you can share to us? Use the comment section below!

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